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Developing a website in wordpress for a client  I was integrating a layout with multiple videos. Since it was an horizontal layout and I hadn’t written anything so fluid in that wide way, I was encountering some problems. If that was not enough, at one point all videos suddenly disappeared  like in the picture above.

There should be two videos there...

There should be two videos there…

After messing up with css for about an hour (you know, floating divs are kind of unpredictable), and spent another hour yelling at wordpress wp_oembed_get() I’ve found the problem was not the css, neither the poor boy wordpress, but my ip. Yeah, my ip…

It happens that if you refresh so much times the page, actually you are requesting the same iframe too many times, and at one point it will suddendly stop to work (actually it will not serve you the iframe anymore). Great. I can clearly remember having read it somewhere, said no one ever.

Here it’s how appeared after resetting the ip on my router:

After Ip reset...

After Ip reset…




Cfeon Q23b-104

We made it!

After thousand of tests, passing by a serial tftp boot, trying jtag reprogramming we finally get back the wr841nd (ver.8.1) to life!


We followed an OpenWRT guide that you can find over here

Well… we disassembled the flash of another working router with a very small soldering iron tip (all the merit goes to Edo).

Then we connected to the serial of the router via an arduino adapter. Doing this we cuold connect to uboot (remember the “tpl” keys for getting to the uboot console!!).

From the console we dumped all the files of the flash into the ram with the command:

The command is: copy the content of the flash (0x9f000000) to the ram (0x81000000) for the lenght (0x3effff)

Then we reassembled the old broken flash and copied all back in that one with the command:

And doing this we restored uboot in the broken flash. After this we reinstalled OpenWRT via the tftp server mode with the following commands:

Finally we had a working router!

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