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The first link of Ninux Firenze is now online! I am now connected to Leonardo via a radio link in the 5GHz bandwith. Let’s summarize the installation, I’ve needed:

  • Ubiquity NanoBrige M5 25dBi
  • IP56 waterproof container
  • 20 m of corrugated pipe
  • 20m of STP cat  5e cable
  • 2 shielded 5e plugs

The first thing to do was making a hole from a room in the top of the house for the cat 5e cable and the current. I used a 40 cm drill for this dirty job. Luckily I already had an antenna of a wisp.

Hole inside the house

Hole inside the house

Hole from outside

Hole from outside the house

The next step was mounting the waterproof container. I drilled four  holes and mounted the container on the wall outside the room. Inside I’ve mounted 4 sockets for the current.

Later  I’ve isolated the holes for the screws with some silicone and drilled some little holes in the bottom of the container for letting water goes out in case of condensation.

Container with sockets

Container with sockets

Next the roof part. I’ve passed the cat 5e cable in the corrugated pipe, attached the pipe to the container and  the antenna on the roof.

The route of the corrugated pipe

The route of the corrugated pipe

Preparing the antenna for the roof

Preparing the antenna on the roof

The node is now up and running! May the wireless be with you!

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