Link to Project page (you’ll find the bookmarklet…there, mhehehe) UPDATE:  – April 16th, 2015 ~ [0.4] BugFix: fixed double ampersand escaping, causing & to go back on &.  – April 15th, 2015 ~ [0.3] BugFix, Refactoring: Inconsitency in Places and Collections data caused undefined attributes in js. Splitted download file function from data elaboration. Escaped […]

In the latest months I’ve been working on a great open source project called MySensors, which is basically a home automation center based on different hardware configurations. While working on the user interface, I’ve also designed a new logo which quickly evaluated in a nice animation concept. Since I’m a huge fan and supporter of […]

Playing with some css loading animations, I’ve noticed that they were absolutely awesome! They were smooth, vectorial and mobile friendly. So I thought about the classic loading animation we all know, the rotating arrows. The whole animation is pretty easy and made in two different steps: – draw the arrow – rotate it with a […]

Just a little piece of code I’ve written to create a slide between pictures in css3 and a little bit of jquery. Use it wherever you want if you like it. Click on the picture to see it slide. NOTE: this has been implemented to slide in sync with scrolling. If you just need to […]

With a group of friends we decided to explore the wireless side of arduino. Searching a bit on google we found a nice and really cheap 2.4GHZ module, the NRF24L01+ module for about 2.60 euros a couple (what the heck do you need just one for?).   To make it communicate with the other arduino the first […]

Last night, after spending hours experimenting how to make two arduinos communicate wirelessly with the nrf24l01+ module, I finally succeeded in my intention. I just toke a video of the (unbelievable ) event, and suddenly the serial monitor on one of the arduinos suddenly crashed. Guess what happened? Yes. The arduino touched they keys on […]

So I was at LILiK , our nerds lab at University, and we were preparing some slides for the LILiK day, an event we made to promote our lab. My slides title are “to Css3 or to jQuery? that is the question…” and I decided to make a little demo to show how they cooperate together. What a better […]

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